An update on the various new arrivals at Les Fragnes.

First up, Bertie. He’s feeding well, despite the fact his mum’s a llama. Llamas are not the greatest mothers. They’re not patient. Poor baby just about gets his wobbly legs and his wobbly neck under control and in position, when mum moves off to graze somewhere else. She usually kicks baby in the head as she does so. So dazed little llama shakes his head, then trots afer mum to go through the whole procedure again.







We had put Windy and Bertie in the alpaca field, but we’re going to move them back to the small paddock and stable. It will be easier for Bertie to keep up with mum there. It also gives the pair of them a chance to bond. I may slip him the odd bottle of sheep’s milk to make sure he’s getting enough to eat.






The kittens have made themselves completely at home. They spend the night in the Eglu but we’re letting them wander more and more during the day. Two of them have names – Voltaire and Gigi (short for Gaston Glock). The two white ones are possibly Austen and Bronte, but one of them might be Baretta. We’ve got very laid back about names these days. At one time, names would be decided the moment a new animal arrived, but these days it tends to drift. But if we’re not careful, the white kittens will be White Kitty 1 and White Kitty 2 for the rest of their lives.



Julie the guinea pig who was born wild in the flower bed has been rounded up together with mum Blackberry and a couple of her aunties/half-sisters (our pigs are a tad on the inbred side unfortunately) and is thriving. No sign of any more babies so it doesn’t look like we’ll be overrun after all. Phew!