I’m on my knees after an incredibly busy day, and full of cold :-(so just two quick photos for you today. First up a pretty golden dragonfly of some sort by the big lake:

And second up, Refrigerator Kitty aka Gigi. She’s taken to sleeping on top of the fridge. You forget she’s there but then suddenly you feel eyes on you, or a paw on your head … keeps scaring the living daylights out of me!

Finally Euro Ditty – OK, Eurovision but that wouldn’t rhyme. The countdown has started – only a week to go. We love Eurovision in this house. Everything stops for it! To get you in the  mood, I suggest you grab a copy of Simon Lipson’s Song in the Wrong Key, a brilliant rom-com in which the Eurovision Song Contest plays a big part. You’ll find it at all Amazon stores – definitely worth a read. (And so’s my Heads Above Water, don’t forget!)