Baby and mum

Our first huarizo has been born at Les Fragnes. What’s one of them? It’s a llama-alpaca cross, with an alpaca father (Brendan) and a llama mum (Katrina). In contrast, a cross born to an alpaca mum and llama dad is a misti. And there are more classifications. If our little male huarizo grows up to more llama-like than alpaca-like, he’ll be a warilla. If, however, the alpaca phenotype wins out, then we’ll have to refer to him as a t’aqa.

And talk about surpise. I didn’t even realise Katrina was pregnant.

Baby is a fine, healthy little boy, suckling and running around, and Katrina seems to have had a better delivery than with Victoria which left her a little oozy. Chris discovered our new arrival while doing chores by the barn. For once I hadn’t done my usual morning herd inspection, tut tut, due to having to first take Rors and his bike to school where they’re doing some cycle practice before their voyage scolaire next week which involves some mountain biking. Then Edouard the farmer turned up unexpectedly to help Chris chop up the large trees that came down in the storm before Christmas, which was welcome but disruptive (Edouard’s help, not the storm!), and then it was time to head down to Guéret to sort out Lambo’s eartag and pick Caiti up after her four-hour history exam. She has a break from exams until 2pm tomorrow so we decided to bring her home for some sleep and non-lycée food. She’s obviously extra thrilled she came home, due to Harry the Huarizo’s arrival. That won’t be his name – Caiti is busily thinking of one at the mo.

Lulin, Baby and Mum Katrina

We’ll keep you posted on his progress! And now, I think a nice, strong cup of tea to get over our shock …