I need to document the piglets, so I thought I’d do it in this blog and share some more cute pig pics!

Here they are, all nameless as yet. You’ll see that they all have different markings on their faces so it’s going to be quite easy to tell them all apart. Some have slightly rolled back ears still, while others have ears that have straightened out into all their Gremlin glory! There are some different leg markings too.

Altogether we have six males and four females, and they weighed around 1.25 kg each when they were born.

Number 1, male.

piglet records 1 boy

Number 2, female.

piglet records 2 girl

Number 3, female.

piglet records 3 girl

Number 4, male.

piglet records 4 boy

Number 5, female.

piglet records 5 girl

Number 6, male.

piglet records 6 boy

Number 7, another male.

piglet records 7 boy

Number 8, girl.

piglet records 8 girl

Number 9, male.

piglet records 9 boy

And last but not least, number 10, male.

piglet records 10 boy