We moved the piglets outside today. Rosie has had more than enough of being cooped up in the stable and the babies are all as fat as butter and so it was time to get them in the fresh air.

It’s a straightforward but slow process.

Step 1. Entice Rosie outside. Oops, wrong way.

piglets outside stage1

Step 2. Still enticing, and going in the right direction.

piglets outside stage2

Step 3. But not for long. Hang on, Rosie thinks she may have forgotten something.

piglets outside stage3

Step 4. Oh yes, piglets.

piglets outside stage4

Step 5. Try again, this time en famille.

piglets outside stage5

Steph 6. But Rosie can’t resist a quick root for insects.

piglets outside stage6

Step 7. There was some of this.

piglets outside stage7

Step 8. Then some of that.

piglets outside stage8

Step 9. Finally Rosie set off after the bucket but the piglets needed some help.

piglets help outside

Step 10. Success!

piglets outside field1

This will be the last time that the piglets will be this clean!

piglets outside field2