I catalogued – or rather pigalogued – Rosie’s piglets recently in this blog, and now here are Portia’s half dozen. They’re all heavier than Rosie’s, by approximately half a kilo, which is probably to be expected given that they’re six as opposed to her eleven. At twenty-fours old they’re playing and exploring, and learning to keep out of mum’s way when either there’s food about or she’s about to lay down!

Born 27.7.2013

Piglet 1 Boy         1.78 kg

portia piglet1

Piglet 2 Boy         1.68 kg

portia piglet2

 Piglet 3 Girl         1.68 kg

portia piglet3

Piglet 4 Boy         1.78 kg

portia piglet4


Piglet 5 Girl         1.68 kg

portia piglet6portia piglet5

 Piglet 6 Girl         1.58 kg