It’s World Egg Day today, Friday 11th October. Bet you didn’t know that.

world egg day

So what’s it all about? According to, it’s to get us to enjoy the versatility and deliciousness of eggs. In other words – to eat more eggs. Seeing as around 750 billion eggs are consumed each year in the world already, you have to wonder if egg producers are being a bit pushy in wanting us to eat even more!

Eggs have had a bad press in recent years due to salmonella outbreaks linked to them and the fact they contain cholesterol. Which is a shame as they’re a fairly low fat, protein-packed food item. A large egg contains 70 calories and about 5g fat so if you boil or scramble it, it’s a nice healthy snack. Fried is another matter of course, but a fried egg sandwich or a plate of fried egg and chips makes for a very enjoyable meal.

The healthiest egg production option – for both hen and consumer – is to keep your own chickens, then you know exactly what’s going into them. As I’ve mentioned in my blog before, chickens are fascinating creatures to have around the place. They’ll eat everything and anything, will keep the number creepy-crawlies down in the process (and importantly parasites in fields if you keep livestock) and add a bit of colour to the scenery. I really would encourage you to consider keeping chickens.

Whilst researching about World Egg Day, I came across Wonderpoule!


Isn’t she great! Sadly, nothing seems to have happened on the site promoting her since early 2012. I hope she didn’t end up in a wonderpot. Wonderpoule is quite right – someone needs to stand up for battery hens who get a rough deal. Their conditions are slowly improving, but people must be prepared to pay a little bit more for their eggs to ensure that the chickens laying them don’t live totally miserable lives. If more folk got to see hens, they’d understand how bright and characterful they are. My hens always make a great impact on visitors to the gite, and many guests get very fond of them. We’ve actually had a couple killed by kindness (hens, not guests I hasten to add!) by being overfed rich titbits! Like Vikings always dreamt of dying in battle, chickens clearly long to eat themselves into Valhalla, so I can’t feel too sad at their occasional demise due to overeating.

world egg day depliant on eggsSo, on World Egg Day, eat an egg and spare a thought for chickens. We’d be a lot worse off without them.