I’ve finally put the egg incubator Father Christmas brought me to work. And at a rather appropriate time, seeing as how eggs feature rather significantly at Easter time.

incubator eggs

It’s currently housing two abandoned but still-warm duck eggs. It’s a very small, neat affair that will hold up to seven eggs. The only disappointment is that it doesn’t automatically turn the eggs, which is what Father Christmas was led to believe it would do – he feels slightly miffed. I’ve looked it up, and eggs need to be turned at least three times each day so that’s not too irksome. Somewhat bizarrely, this incubator comes with music and lights. A mini-disco for baby ducks? A duckso? You’d have thought it might be more useful to employ that computing power for something like turning eggs perhaps…


I’ve been up to check the incubator and it had reached 41 degrees, when its max was set to 38 degrees. Not good, and it’s not only Santa who’s now feeling disappointed. I removed the eggs before they got cooked and played around with the incubator for while. I ran it a few more times, each time it steadily got hotter and hotter. For the heck of it I had a quick play with the lights and music setting. There are three flashing lights at the back of the incubator and a selection of half a dozen truly awful tunes that are on a par with those awful ones you get in birthday cards.

Looks like a spaceship about to take off!

Looks like a spaceship about to take off!

So the incubator is now deactivated and the duck eggs are in a more reliable incubator – i.e. under the imaginatively-named Grey Chicken who is fortunately broody at the moment. Let’s hope we’ll have some little henlings or duckens in a few weeks’ time!

incubator reliable