A few days ago, Chris spotted a blue budgie in a blackberry bush behind the barn. We all came to have a look as this was an unusual discovery. Ruadhri said he’d heard there were flocks of wild budgies in certain parts of France that do quite a lot of damage to fruit harvests, but I don’t think our bird was one of those. He seemed very tame.

budgie bush

Anyway, we left him to his own devices, but later that evening, Caiti spotted one of our cats (I won’t give its name to spare it the shame and the hate mail!) with something in its mouth. Sadly the something turned out to be the budgie. She rescued him brought him inside.

We put him a box overnight with food and water, having finally got him to let go of Caiti’s finger with its sharp and powerful beak, and hoped for the best. Next morning, Bitey, as he was now known, was in much better shape. And so was Caiti’s finger. We moved him to a small wire cage we had and gave him perches and a few things to play with. He seemed quite perky and chirped every now and again, although he’d clearly been through quite an ordeal.

Sadly, though, next day, we got back from dropping Caiti off at Chateauroux station on the first leg of her trip to Montreal to find little Bitey had bitten the dust. Poor little guy.

By now I was rather enamoured of budgerigars, so we went to the pet shop to get a new budgie. They didn’t have any the same colour as Bitey, so Rors chose a pretty green and yellow perruche. Since Canada is the in-thing in our house at the moment, we called him Maple Syrup. And here he is, hiding behind his food bowl.

maple old cage

He spent his first thirty-six hours with us in Bitey’s make-do cage until a new cage arrived from Amazon. The company, not the jungle! It’s a lovely roomy cage so he can flutter around, and once he’s tame enough, we’ll let him out to fly round a cat-free living room for proper exercise.

Maple’s cute. He seems smart and whenever the TV or radio are on, he starts chattering away. I’m busily reading up on how to look after budgies properly so that we can give him an interesting and happy life. Apparently budgies like chewing things and doing puzzles. It’s easy to make them toys with beads and string that will keep them stimulated. Even a toilet roll tube will keep them happy for a while.

Maple is settling in well after his second upheaval in a few days – pet shop to small cage, then small cage to China’s best budgie-friendly cage!

maple new cage