I only recently introduced you to my new finches, Gus and Tina, and told you that they had produced a clutch of eggs within a fortnight of having them. Well, time to meet the babies.

It started with a furtive peep at the outside world.

finch head1

Then they got braver.

finch babies three and dad

They haven’t all left the nest yet. Two very large fat babies have been exploring the cage, and we’ve seen two other heads appear. One of these youngsters looks much smaller than the others. I’ve found with my chickens that most broods seem to throw up a tiddler.

When the first baby came out, she sat on the nest for a little while, then slipped and fell. Her wings shot out and she fluttered ungracefully but successfully to the cage floor.

baby finch 18sept cage floor

Gus and Tina shot around in panic. They clearly didn’t have a clue what to do. However, their whirring around inspired the baby to have another go at flying herself and she soon made it to the lowest perch. Then the next one, and the next, and finally she was back up at the nest. She’s now a good little flier and so is the other baby who’s been out and about.

baby finch dad


We can’t get over how big the babies are! I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t have got that egg food which boosts the amount of protein that gets fed to them. One’s already had a go at the cuttlefish bone with Tina.

baby finch mum cuttlefish

So, it’s all cuteness in the finch cage at the moment.

finch babies three out of nest