Well, I’ve sold 4 copies of Oh Auntie on Kindle and 7 on Smashwords – and I didn’t buy any of them! A very slow start, but that’s OK. I haven’t actually done any publicity for the book. I just wanted to get an ebook out there to see how it all works. I’ll be getting my head down to plan a proper marketing campaign for future books. Heads Above Water, my non-fiction book about moving to France and our early experiences here, is nearing completion. That’s the one I really want to push, so I need to work out how.

You might know about Kindle, but perhaps not about Smashwords. That’s another epublishing site where you can upload your books for free. It’s an amazing site. It processes your MS into many different ebook formats, namely .EPUB, PDF. .RTF, .PDB, .MOBI, LRF and TXT, as well as into HTML and Javascript formats, so most people can read it in one way or another. Smashwords take a proportion of the sales price for each one you sell, as does Amazon with Kindle books, but that’s OK. It’s far less than traditional publishers take. Smashwords distributes to most of the major retailers, including the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo and Diesel eBook Store, so your ebook really gets out there.

Cadella diving under mum for a feed

On the farm front, Cadella is coming on well. Her breathing was a little laboured at times, and her nose seemed blocked, so we’d brought her and mum (reluctantly) into shelter for Monday night. On Tuesday she had a fine runny nose and she’s breathing much better now. Possibly she was born with a slight infection, or she inhaled fluid during the delivery process – I’m not sure but something had been irritating her nasal passages. So, we’ll keep an eye on her but she’s bouncing around happily at the moment. We didn’t rush to get the vet out. I took Nessie in to the surgery to have her stiff leg investigated – it’s arthritis – and noticed that the vet we trust most with our llamas is off on holiday. His younger colleague doesn’t have such a good success rate with our animals, shall we say! For that reason, so long as Cadella continues to make steady progress, we’ll manage the situation ourselves.




We put the three Suffolk sheep – named Lavenham, Debenham and Tuddenham after three villages close to where I grew up in Suffolk – into their field. We finally finished patching up the fencing along the back to make it what we hope is sheep-proof. Chris and Benj whacked in some more posts, and added more strands of barbed wire where it was needed. I did a bit of that too and this time didn’t make too many holes in myself. So out came the sheep from their stable. Chris had to carry number one ewe out to the field, and sheep are heavy, because she refused to walk on a lead. As did the ram, so he arrived in the field upside down being carried by his legs by Chris and Benj. If only I’d had the camera! However, we were all involved in the moving out process somewhere along the line, even Rors. Only the second ewe condescended to come under her own steam. The three of them seem very happy with their new home. I’ve been Pavlov-ising them for a week, and they are totally conditioned to come running over to me when I rattle a bucket of pellets and shout ‘Sheepies!’. I’m hoping that if they ever escape, that will make it easier to round them up. Time will tell, I dare say!

A couple of quickies to finish. Two daft search terms that brought people to my site this week were ‘Mark Cavendish naked’ (!) and ‘Llamas at the Tour de France’. Both had been used several times. I can understand the Cav one, but cycling llamas? Hmm.

And should you want to buy Oh Auntie for your Kindle, go to Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk and type the title in, making sure to opt for the ebook option, or here for a Smashwords edition. Thank you!