Well, I’m fed up at the moment. My tendonitis/bursitis/what-the-heckitis is back in my shoulder with a vengeance (I mentioned the hay wrestling last time, didn’t I?) and the steroids I’m taking make me feel sick so grumble, grump, moan. I can’t do all the things I should be doing. And after all men, I’m the next worst patient on the planet. Plus it’s January which is always the most miserable month weather-wise in Creuse.

Anyway, I did some therapeutic knitting last night, which was slightly painful but the need for sanity outweighed the discomfort, and I made a Berkshire Pig loo roll cover for Chris. (We have a breeding trio of Berkshires.) I’m not entirely sure why but I felt the need to do something. It cheered me up – perhaps it will you too.

berkshire pig loo roll cover

Knitting is known to be therapeutic, but how? Well, first up, it gives you something to do so stops you moping (as I was) and that helps keep the blues at bay. Focusing on one task stops you thinking about the niggly things that are bugging you. Next up, knitting is a bit like meditation and mindfulness. It helps you relax which slows your thought processes. It’s also meant to help chronic pain so maybe if I keep knitting I’ll get through my own pain barrier. The rhythmic nature of knitting is very soothing and good for the soul so this often ridiculed pastime really is quite a wonderful activity.

I adapted my pig pattern from the first dead tree (i.e. printed as opposed to electronic) book I have bought in a long time, Toilet Roll Covers by Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer. There are thirty fun patterns to choose from – such as a polar bear, a sheep, Humpty Dumpty, a bobble hat – and you can knit them up easily within an hour or so. I currently lack the patience to work on a big project but I haven’t knitted for so long, I had to get on with something. So, all you knitters out there, I highly recommend this book.