It’s been the sunniest December I can remember. We’re all making the most of it, including the chickens…

sunny chix

and cats.

dec cats sunning

And us of course. We fitted in a couple of quick geocaching visits. First we went to Bourg d’Hem on the Petite Creuse river which is in the very pretty Trois Lacs area.

bourg dhem water

bourg dhem 3lacs sign

And there’s a strange tree with a right-angle branch.

bourg dhem bent tree

And then we went to the Pierres Jaumatres, one of our very favourite spots.

pjdec3 ror dadThey’ve been up to something since we were last there. We’re not sure what… a new path maybe?

pjdec newpath2

They’ve also done some tree clearance so you get a great view from the Pierres. We live a little to the left of the wind turbines. You should be able to pick out the bases of them – the blades are a little harder to see against the pale sky.

pjdec8 view windmills

pjdec7 rock view

If we can’t have the snow for Christmas, then this beautiful weather is the next best thing. Long may it last.

And talking of Christmas, here’s one of our turkeys thinking that maybe’s it time he headed south for winter, or north, or east, or west … anywhere, and fast!

turkey on gateAnd here he is, taking off!

turkey fly