Half our haul

We have about 20 kg of freshly gleaned peaches to use up fairly quickly so I would be very grateful for any peach recipes you may have, especially ones that use a LOT of peaches. I’ve already made some peach flapjack and stewed a few batches for the freezer. I’ll make some chutney tomorrow, but then I’m stuck so I’d be very grateful for any sensible suggestions of what to do with what’s left!

And here’s a cute, silly kitty photo. Treacle got her head stuck in this pot when she was licking it out. I removed it. She got her head stuck again. I removed it again. She still hadn’t learned so within seconds it was back on her face. This time I got the camera! Don’t worry, she managed to shake it free herself very quickly. Only her pride was hurt by my laughing at her!