The annual Fête de la Science is taking place at the moment (10th till 14th October), but sadly not in Creuse. There isn’t a single event, which is pretty pathetic. A few years ago there was a great do in Guéret that I took Rors out of school to visit and he had a brilliant time. But since then there’s been nothing anywhere in the area. Hopefully you’ll be luckier than we are and have something going on locally that you can visit. The main website is here.

Possibly the reason for Creuse’s non participation is that the Conseil has spent the money instead on free calculators for every pupil in 6ème (first year in secondary school), which includes Ruadhri. He came home on Tuesday with his, a very nice little machine with Creuse’s logo on the back. So he now has two calculators since his liste de fornitures (school supply list) that we were issued with before the summer holidays stipulated that we had to buy one. I didn’t know about the free calculator scheme at the time, as I imagine most parents didn’t, so we all went out and bought them. I guess having a spare is no bad thing. Rors will also be getting a dictionary. Again, we already have several, but it’ll come in handy. It’s good that the département is very pro-education, even if it can’t stretch to a science fair.


Nothing to do with science, but here’s a great photo of our cat Gigi desperately thinking of a good excuse as to why we found her in the bread and vegetable cupboard. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she’d been on the bottom shelf having one of her 5-a-day!