It’s a bit of a non-Eastery Easter this year. It’s the middle of term here in Limousin so the kids only get Easter Monday off as holiday. Caiti is down in Bordeaux since her spring holiday doesn’t start for another five weeks! Both the boys are sick but Rors felt well enough to go on the traditional Les Fragnes treasure hunt to find his chocolate goodies.

Rors on his treasure hunt helped by Chris and Nessie

Rors on his treasure hunt helped by Chris and Nessie

He wasn’t disappointed. (But the pigs were – they hoped he share!)

There's a kilo of chocolate in that bunny!

There’s a kilo of chocolate in that bunny!

The weather’s been awful although it looks like the sun will come out later. We’ve been incredibly busy so haven’t had time to think Eastery thoughts or do any preparations. The Easter tree hasn’t materialised this year, nor an Easter garden, or any Easter cooking. And on top of all that the clocks went forward which is always a bad day.

It’s just too early for Easter! We’ll have a rerun in May when Caiti’s back I think.

Eggs are a festive thing this time of year so a quick mention of the false eggs we’ve bought to try and entice our hens to lay somewhere sensible.

false eggs

Of our small flock of three, nameless grey chicken, a Limousine, is producing a daily egg in the empty concrete rabbit cage in the garden, which the cats use as a shelter in the rain. However, Cynthia and Madge have gone semi-feral and I have no idea where they’re laying at all. I need to get the turkey house cleaned out, put an egg box in there and lure them in every night. It doesn’t take long to train the chickens where to hunker down for shelter. At the moment I think they’re bunking down with the llamas in the hangar. That has to change as I want the eggs.

Lambs are Eastery but we don’t have ours yet. So here are the sheep instead together with Cynthia the Sussex hen.

easter sheep

And finally an Easter pig. Do you think that will catch on?

easter pig