I am seriously considering becoming nocturnal. Take last night for example. We went to bed about 10 pm, nice and early in readiness for getting up just after 5.30 am to get Caiti off for the lycée bus at 6.20 am. About an hour later, Rors blundered into our room to go to the loo. Then at midnight he came in to say he couldn’t go to sleep. At 2 am I got up to feed Lambo (the lamb formerly known as Lamby). At 4 am Cait woke us as she was having an asthma attack and couldn’t breathe. Horrors. After a while we had her settled and it was time to feed Lambo again. I got up at 6 am to phone our neighbour to tell her that we wouldn’t be giving her son Charles a lift to the lycée bus this morning, as is our usual arrangement, since Caiti wasn’t going to school. Then at 7.15 am it was time to start the day properly by getting Rors up and ready for school. I might just as well have stayed up all night!

Poor Caits. We went off to the doctors and she has a barrage of drugs to take. She’ll be off school until Thursday, which means she’ll have her 18th birthday at home tomorrow, sick! It seems to be a family trend. Benj had flu when he turned 18 and we had to postpone all his party plans too. C’est la vie!

Lambo is five days old now and playing football. He loves it! Here are some photos to finish today’s post and make you go ‘aaah’!

Caiti explains the rules to Lambo

"Ah, I get it!" says Lambo

Interested teams, contact me, his agent!