I know, it’s Sunday night. At least we haven’t got a 5.30 am start tomorrow as Caits is at home revising next week, but it’s still Monday tomorrow and nobody likes Mondays. So, to cheer you up, some photos.

There’s nothing like someone else’s misfortune to make you smile. Here’s mywashing line – upside down. A very strong gust of wind caught it on Monday I think it was.

I bet you feel happier already!

While dwelling on the misery of others, here’s the task lying ahead of Benjamin. He has to turn this into a des-res chicken house for me, the sooner the better.

And finally in that category, I don’t have a photo, but yesterday I bashed myself in the eye very hard with a branch while we were clearing some out of the  middle lake. It hasn’t gone black but it’s a bit puffy and hurts like blooming heck. No fool like an old fool…

Now some out and out happy pictures. Our pigs love outdoor life.

Happy muddy Oberon

More happy muddy pigs

Happy running around Rosie (probably muddy)

And to finish with … happy, sleepy, muddy pigs in what used to be the llama transporter.

Happy sleepy muddy pigs in what was the llama transporter

Have a good week!