What’s with these front-opening resealable bags that more and more stuff’s being sold in these days? They’re driving me up the mur, in particular the pet food bags, since they’re ridiculously impractical. They come with this plastic strip that relocks the opening, but it inevitably drops out after a couple of uses, or a cat or puppy plays with it and knocks it out, and you can’t get the darned thing back in.

annoying bag openings2

I’ll be changing brands since I can’t be doing with them at all.

annoying bag openings1


The problem is that you can’t pour the contents out with0ut them going everywhere. You get no control with this great gaping gap halfway down the packet. It’s not quite big enough to get anything other than a very small scoop into it which means it takes ages to spoon the biscuits out and they fall off onto the floor as you do it anyway. And I refuse to remove the stuff with my hand. Now, I’m not squeamish. I’ve cleaned up all the various things that have come out of either end of my three kids when they were young without batting an eyelid, and. I’ve delved around inside alpacas and sheep to loosen up stuck babies. But I draw the line at handling pet food. Not only does the dust get under your fingernails but you can’t be entirely sure what’s in your hands so they need a good scrub afterwards. I spend enough time washing my hands already. Whenever we’re outside we’re handling animals or poultry or eggs or things they’ve been around so have to thoroughly scrub up when we come in. So I don’t appreciate having to do it yet again. Life’s too short.

Hopefully it’s just a fad and we’ll get the proper ‘open at the top’ type bags back again soon!