Our two-day bank holiday fest hasn’t quite gone to plan. First up the weather was bank holidayish. We have had a few gorgeous days but the rain and greyness came back especially. But we still got out for bike rides, walks and did some gardening.

We were sure our menagerie would increase by at least one lamb but no, Spotty Sheep is still hanging on for dear life. And Rosie continues to incubate her babies and snooze. Caiti will be heading back to Bordeaux in a few days and she’ll be heartbroken if she misses the new arrivals.


I’d planned a visit to the donkey fair at Magny near La Chatre but on rechecking the details this morning I saw that it was a donkey and horse market, rather than a fair with stalls and the odd one or two donkeys for decoration. There was a real risk that if we went to a donkey market we’d come home from it with one that we felt sorry for on the back seat. So we busied ourselves with bike rides, gardening and various jobs instead.

Caiti and Rors got busy in the kitchen. First they brewed some nettle tea. We went from this …

nettles bucket

to this …

nettles tea

Nettle tea and honey was interesting, shall we say. This was quickly followed by mint tea and dandelion tea but fortunately Rors lost interest in plant-based brews! Caiti rustled up cookies and lemon cake this afternoon which won’t last long.

Staying on a food theme, I’ve planted out some cucumbers in the ex-pig patch and lettuces and cherry tomatoes in the greenhouse. Chris’s okra and butternut squash will be next into the potager. Now all we need is a bit more sunshine …