At long last it feels like summer is here. Everyone and everything here at Les Fragnes is enjoying the sunshine. Here’s the proof.

First up, here’s Ruadhri scooting down the track. Now, Lambo was meant to be chasing him for exercise – our lamb has got a bit of a belly on him! And so was Nessie, for a similar weight-related problem. But did they?

Nope. Neither sheep nor sheepdog moved an inch. They watched Rors go … and waited for him to come back. Lazy animals!

Also lazy is treacle. She moved from the chair where she’d been laying most of the day …

… out into the sunshine – for another lay down!

It’s good weather for scooting and cycling. Benj is taking regular trips to Gueret on his motor scooter – and has nearly taken a frog with him twice. He found this guy under his seat minutes before setting off last Friday.

And lo and behold, just as Benj was about to set off today, he noticed the frog again in the same place! We’ll have to see if he comes back any more. I think he has aspirations to be a town frog rather than a country frog, but we keep thwarting his plans!

Even the carp seem to be enjoying the weather. They’re being very co-operative and allowing themselves to be caught, which obviously our visiting anglers are very pleased about. Chris has started to microchip the largest ones that are landed. Here’s a hefty 32 lber receiving his chip.

And to close, photos of Cupcake …

Cupcake's in the foreground, nameless mum's behind her

… and Jim, the latest two surprise baby guinea pigs to appear.

It’s very summery having baby animals around.