What do you get when you unload one and a half tonnes of fish into your lakes? Aching muscles!

Chris and I had a busy morning. Our long-awaited order of carp, three new catfish and a sturgeon came today from Couturier fisheries in Indre. As usual they were beautiful specimens. Benj was on photography duty as the flu has left him weak and wobby, and not in a fit state to heave fish around. Ruadhri was meant to be assistant photographer but he soon got sidetracked. So that left us and a lad from the fisheries to cart carp around. The driver was the fish catcher. He spent the morning waist deep in the tanks on the lorry grabbing fish to pass down to the three of us. We had coffee before going down to the big lake. The driver was a bit wary as it was a big lorry and the ground is a bit soft at the moment in a couple of places on the track. And he was right! He got stuck on the way back up, but trusty Sea Blue, our old, small tractor pulled him free in no time.

So it was an eventful morning. Here are a few pictures of us hard at work.