Georgina of Les Fragnes was born today – very quickly We’ve been checking mum Gabby several times an hour for a couple of weeks now, knowing that baby was due any day. But she sneakily gave birth in between our visits!

Newly born Georgina - baby llamas are often a bit scary at first

Anyway, Georgina is almost pure white, which is quite a surprise given that dad Bernard is black and Gabby has apricot mottling. You’ll remember Victoria was born just over a fortnight ago. Georgina is both Victoria’s aunt and half-sister. But there’s not much family resemblance.

Here are some photos. Georgie was rather floppy to start with, but after Benj and Caiti dried her and warmed her up in the sun, she perked up and was soon up on her feet. In no time at all she was suckling and investigating the world. Tonight she’s tucked up with mum in the stable in her cosy coat.

She’s a very tall baby llama, a good few centimetres bigger than Victoria. We’ll take some measurements tomorrow – if she’ll co-operate!

Benj and Caiti dry Georgina in the sunshine. Victoria looks on.

Georgina and mum Gabby