The new turkeys

Actually, it’s not – fortunately – but it might have been. And I like the title! (You might remember the Dog Blog of a few months ago.) A thunderstorm on Wednesday night, but nothing like as bad as Monday’s humdinger though, freaked our dog Nessie out and she ran away. At least that is what we think happened. She might have chased a deer and then got lost. Anyway, she was in the garden at 8pm but nowhere to be seen at 10pm when I called her in. She sleeps in the house but spends the day outside usually. Chris and I wandered off in the rain in our nightwear and wellies and checked around the outbuildings and down the tracks, but no sign. We began looking again at 6.30am on Thursday morning, Chris on foot, me on my bike. Still fruitless.

The old turkey

I took a temporary break to go and pick up our first three turkeys of the year. Luckily they didn’t know that this is currently in our fridge (the last of last  year’s batch).  We’ve installed them in a run in the alpaca shed, where they’ll be warm and dry while they get used to other poultry, and us. We’ll let them start free-ranging in about a week’s time.

Chris uses this recipe to cook our turkeys, and they turn out absolutely delicious.


Then back to dog searching. Caiti had just finished designing a lost dog poster when there was a knock at the door. Our new English neighbours from Buzzycluck Farm had come round to ask if we’d lost our dog, because they had one very like her at their house! She’d turned up last night and taken up residence in their barn. So I jumped in the car and went to retrieve our lost and stray. She was pleased to see me but very guilty!

Thank goodness we’ve got her back. We missed falling over her and seeing her chase the military aircraft and bark at herons, and she’d only been gone a short while.

Here’s a photo of my boule de neige shrub to round off this blog. This is such beautiful plant. I may have to relocate it before too long as these can grow pretty big and I put it right next to the house. The flowers don’t last long, sadly, but while they do, they’re magnificent.

Daily snippets for 29 April

Today’s Saint: Saint Catherine of Siena

Famous French person born this day: Jean Charles Emmanuel Nodier in 1780, Gothic author

Famous French person who died this day: Paul Belloni du Chaillu in 1903, anthropologist

Today’s word: chien errant – stray dog

Today’s expression: avoir du chien – to have a certain something