Lamby, the little Suffolk rejected by his mum (and who will one day have to change his name to Sheepy), is currently asleep in front of the fire. He’s taken to life in the house very quickly. It’ll be a shock when we move him to the stable. We’re keeping him in for the moment since there is no way I could handle two-hourly night feeds out in the barn. It was one thing pottering around half-asleep in the field with the torch to check on No. 27 in the ten days before Lamby’s eventual arrival. It’s quite another to be making up milk in the kitchen and then spending quarter of an hour at a time in the chilly barn, where there are a lot things scurrying around that I really don’t want to come face to face with in the dark, bottlefeeding a bouncy baby! However, we can’t keep him in here for long so once he can manage longer between feeds, we’ll whisk him out to his new home.

Caits came home from lycée yesterday afternoon to help out with lamb nurturing. That gave me a break so I could in theory catch up with housework and gardening, but in reality I had a few more naps and achieved very little. The downside is having a second Monday this week in having to get her off for the lycée bus at the crack of dawn again today.

Lamby has been out in the garden but is a typical 21st century kid in that he’d rather be indoors. He makes a beeline for the doorstep and starts bellowing to go back in! He has a powerful set of lungs. However, whenever the sun shone yesterday he was put out on the grass. He may not have been that impressed but it saved me some floor mopping!

I’ve put together a lamb hand-rearing kit here. There’s the sheep milk powder, a pack of colostrum mix and a variety of bottles. The beer bottle has a proper lamb teat on it, but our little L didn’t seem that impressed with it. He prefers biberons (babies bottles). The coffee speaks for itself!

So, another day of bottles, catnaps and mopping up wee ahead while attempting to keep on top of editing work and the usual domestic stuff. Oh yes, and drinking lots of coffee!