The big pig relocation has taken place. Actually, it’s the big little pig relocation as it involves the guinea pigs rather than the porcine pigs.

Not so classy ...

The guinea pigs have lived in a variety of homemade cages over the years, and for quite a long while they ran free. But we rounded them up for winter and plonked the females in the dreadful old concrete rabbit cages we inherited a few years ago. We hadn’t thought very carefully when we set up the heavy, unwieldy, crumbling cages on the loading area next to the barn. It didn’t occur to us we might actually need it for its intended purpose but we did a couple of times and the cages were in the way of offloading hay bales from the tractor into a truck. So we moved the cages into the garden. It was a major operation since the darned things are made of concrete after all and even the smallest component part weighs a ton. Plus they’re very old and bits break off every time they’re moved. The whole set-up was becoming very shabby looking and potentially dangerous.

Chris got busy. He found some plans on the Internet and has just finished making a very snazzy cage on wheels for them. The idea is that you can easily move them so that on a hot day you can trundle them into the shade, or face them out of the wind if it’s breezy. Or presumably take them for a walk! Our lucky pigs for the first time ever have a dedicated sleeping area, two-storey no less, with a ramp leading to the upper level. They seem to love this and potter up and down it all day.

Des res for rodents

So our cochons d’Inde are both now smartly and practically housed, not to mention very happy.