Here is Wiggo, the latest addition to the Les Fragnes herd. He’s an alpaca, and it looks like he’s a suri.We’ve named him after Bradley Wiggins and in fact, it’s very appropriate that we have. The two Wiggos have roughly the same hair colour and they both have sideburns!

Our Wiggo

The other slightly more famous Wiggo

Let me explain about the suri bit. There are two types of alpacas – huacayas (the fluffy ones) and suris (dreadlocks). Wiggo has a suri mum, Ciara, and a huacaya dad – Brendan, of course, our overactive stud. Suri is the dominant strain genetically but since Ciara is a suri/huacaya cross herself, she carries the recessive huacaya gene so Wiggo may turn out to be huacaya if that’s what she’s passed on to him.

But this is getting very technical. Here are a few more pics of a very cute little guy.