I’m exaggerating, but there’s been some minor scuffles amongst the pigs today. We brought Saddleback/Berkshire crosses Porky and Pine out of quarantine in the stables to join purebred Berkshires Portia and Rosamunde in the field today. At first they were all friendly – while there was food to distract them.

Good pigs

But once the distraction was over, a bit of argy-bargy broke out. It didn’t get too serious but ears got bitten a lot!

Bad pigs - Portia after Porky's ear

Peace has pretty much broken out now. Anyway, they’ll soon sort out the new pecking order, probably with the boys at the bottom!

And here’s the latest arrival at Les Fragnes. Gabriel is another huarizo i.e. llama/alpaca cross. Mum is Georgina, guess who dad is. Yup, Brendan, the alpaca with staying power. (This is his baby number five this summer.) Gabriel is very tall, taking firmly after his mum and grandma Gabby. Here’s a great picture of him. The white alpaca in the mix is the nosey Plunkett!

Georgie, Gabriel and Plunkett