Apologies if you’ve tried to access this site in the last couple of days and found it suspended. A cock-up at our service provider’s end I’m afraid, but my wonderful webmaster (Chris) has got it all sorted out now. That disruption coming on top of my @llamamum Twitter account suddenly becoming inaccessible made me feel distinctly paranoid. I’m not sure what I can do about Twitter since I need to enter my email address in order to create a new password, but Twitter firmly refuses to accept it each time I type it in. I may sadly have to ditch that account and start again with another one…

Anyway, onto bigger and pigger matters. Having destroyed a succession of cosy, windproof shelters that Chris painstakingly built for him, Oberon is seeing out the remainder of the cold French winter in the stable. This is him and the two girls when they first arrived at Les Fragnes in April (Obie is the big one in the middle):

obie baby

And now here he is in the same stable:

obie feb

He’s grown a little!

The girls have chewed a small hole in the side of the llama transporter that is their shelter, but otherwise it’s survived well so they’re staying outside. However, their field is very muddy, especially around the feeding troughs.

pig eating muddy

But no matter how muddy the girls are, we can always tell them apart at meal times even if we can’t see their markings (Rosie has more white on her than Portia). The minute there’s the merest hint of food arriving, Portia goes into saliva overproduction. She drools and dribbles like crazy. Rosie has far better self control.

Here’s Portia in the foreground. I think you can see the slobber.


Portia will be moving in with Obie soon so that she’ll produce piglets for us in May. We’re hopeful that Rosie’s sojourn with Oberon was fruitful and that her litter will arrive in early April.

All being well, lots more piggy news coming your way fairly soon!