What a day! Rosie finally decided to have the piglets we’ve been impatiently waiting for. She’s now mum to ten smashing little babies. It was quite an experience watching her during the three hours it took to deliver them all.

piglet 2 just born

Baby one arrived, then there was about an hour’s break before the next few arrived quite quickly. Another pause and then we got two at once, followed very swiftly by one who came out back feet first. Another reverse baby and we were up to eight. There was another wait and we thought that it was it, but numbers nine and ten arrived.

piglet 8

There was a number eleven but he was stillborn sadly. However, all things considered Rosie has done very well as a first-time mum.

So here are some more cute baby pig photos.

piglet caiti hold out

piglet ruadhri

piglet creep all

And during all the excitement in the stable, no one noticed Lulin quietly giving birth to this pretty little huarizo, as yet nameless.

june huarizo

june huarizo side

We’ve been watching the piglets again tonight. They’ve got lots of energy now, having been suckling and sleeping all afternoon, and are starting to play and squabble. Rosie has a special call for them and she’s being as careful around them as a 200 kg pig can be.

It’s going to be fun seeing them grow up, and our little huarizo too.