Our assorted baby farm animals are growing up fast.

Huarizos (llama/alpaca crosses) Setanta and Gabriel are undergoing halter training in readiness for heading off to their new homes next week.

setanta gabriel

Rosie’s piglets, now two months old, are all sporting their ear tags now. Five of them are off to pastures new next week as well.

pigs eartags

April, this year’s lamb, needs her ear tags too. Unlike the pigs’ tags, of which there is one small round one per pig, sheep have to have one in each ear, and one of these has a chip. Sheep can be traced individually, whereas pigs only to the farm they were bred on.

Despite constantly saying we are never, ever going to get more cou-nu (bare neck) chickens, well, we have another four. They were the only ones on sale at our usual poultry-seller’s stall at Boussac Market this morning so it was Hobson’s choice! They’re cute-nus at the moment, but sadly that stage doesn’t last long and they’ll soon be as ugly as sin. (But tasty!)