It’s been an animal delivery-centred week here at Les Fragnes. On Tuesday five of our Berkshire piglets were rehomed to the Lot, where they’re going to be involved in recreating le cochon de Bauyeux by being crossed with the Normandy pig. The cochon de Bayeux was first produced in the 14th century from crossing a Normandy white with a Berkshire. The breed is suited to living outdoors, is a good, tough breed that produces large litters. Rosie’s babies will certainly ensure the latter as she had ten healthy piglets in her first litter. Here’s a photo of one of these handsome pigs.

The piglets’ new owner was delighted at how friendly and easy-to-handle they were, thanks to the many happy hours Caiti has spent tickling their tummies. Caits was sad to see them go but we still have eleven left on the farm for her to love, and there’ll be plenty more piglets in the future.

The next delivery was a sad one – Amélie, our white huacaya alpaca, needed help from the vet to deliver her dead baby :-( He was a bonny little fellow, but, for whatever reason, something went wrong. All part and parcel of keeping livestock. Mellie is recovering well, although I imagine she’s a trifle sore. The vet’s delvings made my eyes water and I was only observing.

setanta gabrielThen today Chris and I drove off to Poitou-Charente to deliver two of our huarizos, Gabriel and Setanta, to their new home with an ex-zookeeper and an animal lover. Where better could they go. They are the latest additions to a household with tortoises, guinea fowl, chickens, cats, dogs and Java sparrows. Juliette, one of this year’s two huarizos, will be joining them next year once she’s weaned.