On Monday morning, while looking for straying turkeys, Benj and I found this little guy.

ted3 close

He’s the latest addition to the Les Fragnes camelid herd. He’s a Suri alpaca. Mum Ciara had quietly given birth without us noticing.

Now, since it was St Jerome’s Day I thought Jerome might be a good name. Caiti, however, disagreed so I asked her for alternatives, preferably with an Irish connection to reflect her country of birth. She came up with Father Ted! (We all loved that TV series.) You can’t really call a days old baby alpaca Father, so we’re just going with Ted.

ted4 walk

It suits him though, doesn’t it?


You can see that he’s a Suri with that lovely curly hair. It won’t be that long before he’s as shaggy as his big half-brother Wiggo, although not as brown!

llamas4sale wiggo