By all accounts the winter sales aren’t up to much this year. Caiti wasn’t very impressed at the ones in Bordeaux and I’ve seen a few things online on Twitter about them generally being lacklustre. There isn’t much evidence of them in Boussac. I’ve pottered around Simply and Carrefour and they have a couple of stands each of reduced items that it’s hard to see yourself ever having a need for, even if they are cheap!

Apart from these though.

fridge magnet

These shopping list fridge magnets are ingenious. Each one has one or two items of indispensable French goodies on. You stick up the various ones you need then take a photo of them on your mobile phone. What a 21st century approach to shopping lists. I’m forever spending ten minutes writing out a long list which I then forget to take with me and so therefore don’t buy the main things I was going shopping for in the first place. But even I usually remember to take my phone with me. My generation isn’t so reliant on mobile devices as the younger one, no self-respecting member of which would go anywhere without theirs with them. These clever little magnets will mean they’ll never forget anything!

The magnets are also a social and cultural statement. There isn’t a magnet with thé (tea) on for example, but there’s one for apéro (apéritif, as in pre-dinner alcoholic drink) and a separate one for apéro biscuits (nibbles to go with said apéritif)! There’s one for onions and garlic, one for crème fraiche, one for pâte à tartiner (chocolate spread) but not one for croissants. I guess pain (bread) is meant to cover that. Eau (water) is covered, as is purée (mashed veggies, not just potatoes), huile et vinaigre (oil and vinegar) and fromage (cheese). The only odd one is for semoule and blé (semolina and wheat). I wasn’t aware the French bought those that often! We buy blé in 800 kg bags, as you’ll know from this blog, but that’s for the pigs and chickens!

And you’ll no doubt be relieved there’s a dedicated magnet for déo (deodorant), although not for soap!

Two other items. The new €10 note was unveiled yesterday. It looks remarkably like the old one but apparently incorporates a holographic image of Europe (the goddess) on it somewhere, which the new €5 has as well, not that I’d noticed.

And one of our piglets went walkabout. The fence wasn’t working properly and he hopped out to do some rooting. Rors gave him a tickle while we waited for Chris to bring a bucket of food to tempt him back in. He actually wasn’t that fussed since he was enjoying unearthing dandelion roots but he was soon reunited with his brothers.

piglet escape