I was going to write a post about the horse meat scandal from the French point of view but I had to hit the painkillers for my shoulder tonight and my brain has gone soggy. So I’ll just tell you that the account of the scandal in Ruadhri’s Mon Quotidien today finished with the slightly bewildered last line, ‘Dans ce pays [UK] on ne mange pas de cheval’ (In that country people don’t eat horse meat). That’s not to belittle the seriousness of the whole scandal. It’s against the law in this country as in the UK to mislabel a food product. However, here there isn’t the added horror at the simple fact of eating horse.

But like I said, my head isn’t up to heavy blogging.

Here’s a photo for you.


We’ve had a non-functioning tractor on the farm for a while, from which we intended to have the front lifting fork removed to go onto to our functioning tractor. On Monday the technical team turned up out of the blue to do the removing part of the procedure. In return they were getting the rest of the tractor to use for scrap. We are knee deep in mud on the farm at present so it was all very sloppy, slurpy as Chris dragged the old tractor from up behind the barn, between the very nosey llamas who had gathered to watch (they love a bit of tractor-related excitement), past the nonplussed sheep and down to our quai so that it would be easy to load the deforked tractor onto the waiting flat bed truck. I played a vital role in all this as I was on one-armed gate-opening and llama-dispersing duty.

Anyway, the forks are off but have been left across the doorways of the two stables we use the most! Oberon is living in one of them. We’ll have to wait for Benj to come home before we can move them out of the way. We can’t do it with only three arms.