It’s definitely autumn at Les Fragnes. Here are the signs:

The wood is stacked and ready…

winter wood

…and, since this morning, being burned.

oct first fire

It’s cool and damp so that means happy pigs with lovely soft ground to get muddy in!

oct muddy pig

But not happy turkeys. They seem a little wary.

oct worried turkey

And well they might. The freezer’s been cleaned out and is waiting to be filled with autumn produce…

oct empty freezer

The carp pellets have arrived so we can feed them during the cold months and keep them in top-top condition.

oct carp pellets

Toadstools of varying degrees of toxicity are popping up everywhere.

oct fungus

The guinea pigs have been moved into their indoor quarters.

oct guineas indoors

Treacle has moved herself to what she considers to be hers (although we disagree).

oct treacle

And Lucky has taken up residence on the sofa and clearly has no intention of going anywhere anytime soon.

oct lucky

Yup, chilly autumn is here.