Oscar in the foreground, Ruadhri with Teggs in a basket on the right

Yesterday saw the special animal blessing ceremony to mark St Francis of Assisi day at our local church in Nouzerines. Very few services take place there any  more sadly.

We set off in good time with one llama – Oscar, two alpacas – Brendan and Seamus, and one guinea pig – Teggs. Oscar loved every minute but the alpacas were a bit stressed by the whole thing. There were a lot of yappy dogs around, and also curious onlookers who always have to poke the alpacas, even though you ask them not to. They didn’t poke Oscar or the various hounds or the guinea pigs, so why pick on my pacas! Anyway, we decided to leave early, which was a shame, but the sensible course of action.

Next year we’ll just take Oscar and another guinea pig, and perhaps Nessie the dog as well. A blessing is too stressing for alpacas.

Not impressed at being blessed!