This guy has blue eyes

I’d spent quite a while on Sunday afternoon researching and writing a blog about hayfever to post for Monday, when suddenly a phone call came through. It was Caiti on her evening bike ride. She’d found four kittens in the road, not far from home. No sign of mum and the kitties weren’t feral  – just another set of abandoned cats. Chris brought the last batch home two years ago, tiny babies that he found in the middle of the road.

So now you have a blog about kitties instead. Hayfever can wait!






The kids have called this one Voltaire - he's full of mischief

And the irony is that I’d been reading in Ruadhri’s Quotidien magazine today about how France was a nation of animal lovers. Not round here, they’re not. Unwanted cats are dumped regularly in this vicinity. It’s appalling that people can do that to animals. They have no idea what the animals’ fates might be – getting run over, starving to death, dying of disease. They can’t bring themselves to have them put down or find homes for them – they just pass the buck to folk like us. If Caiti hadn’t happened along when she did, we would never have found these guys and we’re the only residents around for a long way. Goodness knows what would have happened to them.





This kitty is creamy white and has a twin

They’re house cats. They’re friendly, used to people and clean, apart from a few ticks that they must have picked up out in the wild today. Voltaire has made himself very comfy on the chair.

So … back to finding homes for unwanted cats and forking out for cat neutering. It’s annoying, but, well, what choice do we have? We can’t just leave them to an uncertain but almost inevitably unpleasant fate in the wild. Humans are meant to look after animals.


They’re very lively now that they’ve had some food and water – they hadn’t had anything for a while, that was obvious. Unfortunately they can squeeze out through the bars of the cat cage we have, so they’re running amok around the lounge at the moment. We’ll move them into the Eglu tomorrow, and stock up on kitten food and kitten milk.

Caiti and Ruadhri are thrilled of course, Chris and I less so since we’ll be the ones dealing with litter trays while the kids are at school! But as I write, Chris is cuddling two of them – and the four of them really are cute. Yup, we’re soft.

And now – all four kitties have snuggled up to Chris to watch telly with him!