We’re now in l’heure d’hiver in France, winter time. The clocks went back an hour on Sunday. But it was a bit late. Winter was already here. Temperatures crashed on Saturday and a strong north wind blew. It was December weather. Our hearts sank as we trudged and shivered around the farm feeding and watering animals, realising we had five months of this ahead of us. But luckily we have a mighty stock of wood so we’ll keep cosy indoors.

Animal wise everyone’s fine, well insulated against the cold with wool (sheep and camelids), feathers (turkeys and hens) and blubber (pigs). However, we’ve moved little Grainne and mum Windermere into a stable because let’s face it, even for a llama Windy is dumb, bless her, and will happily kush down outdoors in the wild weather and only come into shelter when it’s warm. Llamas aren’t terribly good mothers, as I’ve mentioned before. Baby’s needs come last. Grainne is still very young so vulnerable to the elements.  The other huarizos and Wiggo have fine, thick coats by now and have marginally brighter mamas so should be OK.


We’re not clock changing fans here. It seems to take a week to adapt to the new hours. We all had naps at different times yesterday. Caiti was joined by the cats for hers.

In France l’heure d’hiver was introduced in 1975 in the midst of the fuel crisis to reduce demand by getting that extra hour of daylight in the morning. But why the heck it’s still being used now I have no idea. It’s disruptive, unnecessary and generally a pain. True, it’s lighter in the morning, but only for about a month as the days continue to shorten. And suddenly we’re plunged into dark evenings at teatime. I prefer the gradual change.

Anyway, not much I can do about it except moan! I should be more like Wendy the cat (not to be confused with Windy the llama) and go with the flow.