It seems to be Thunderbirds Are Go for Blog in France again, thank goodness. The problems were being caused by software that Chris had put in place to stop there being problems. How ironic.

Yesterday I went to the spring edition of the Boussac Chicken Fest as an early Mother’s Day treat. I do love my chicken fests. Benj came along to keep me company. The chicken fest is part of the spring Charollais cattle show. That gets going on the Sunday, but the cows were being delivered yesterday, mainly in large farm trailers pulled by humungous tractors, but there was one rather different method of conveyance. Here’s a double decker cow transporter.

chickfest doubledecker cows

The Avicole show included chickens, ducks (but only three), bantams, bunnies and pigeons. Spot the odd one out! Actually I think the various aviculture societies take in rabbits and cavies (guinea pigs) too. They’re the equivalent of the fur and feather shows I used to go along to with Dad. We showed golden agouti, self black and black Dutch cavies, and also black and tan, and Havana rex rabbits. Our cavies did very well over the years.

Back to Boussac. The rabbits and birds had been judged in the morning so their judging cards were up with the comments about them. I noticed that the rabbit judge was somewhat bipolar. Either he gave an animal an incredibly high score (I don’t think I saw anything less than 93/100) or he disqualified it! Here are two of his victims. First up this tiny, very cute looking dwarf white bunny who was banned for being too aggressive! A case of ‘when good bunnies go bad’.

chickfest aggressive bunny

And this bunny got the boot for being too fat!

chickfest fat bunny

Others were disqualified for being too light, the wrong shade of brown or having a dirty tail. A few pigeons had been disqualified too, but only a couple. One had twisted toes allegedly, although they looked fine to me and Benj.

Two Berry Noir cockerels that had been put in cages next to one another had clearly had a serious bust up earlier in the day. There was a piece of plywood between them now, but all around was a vast amount of blood spatter and both birds’ cockscombs were very much the worse for wear. I didn’t take a photo for the blog. It was crime scene stuff and very gory.

There were some very unusual exhibits. Here are some of our favourites. First up, the Butt-Arsed Portuguese Harlequin pigeon (literal translation)!

chickfest buttarsed Portuguese harlequin

Next this puffed up pigeon. Eeeuuw.

chickfest freaky pigeon

A duck-cum-pigeon possibly?

chickfest duckxpigeon


chickfest bw chick

And this pigeon either got left out in the rain or someone had a go at him with hair curlers!

chickfest frizzy pigeon

I’d really hoped to get some fertilised eggs at the show for my natty little incubator but there weren’t any on sale. However, there was a poster up helpfully informing us that there was an egg sale going on somewhere quite distant in Cher that very afternoon. Oh well. Still, it was a very enjoyable afternoon, if a little exhausting for some.

chickfest sleepy bunny