I have to stay on a sporty theme, what with the Olympics going on at the moment.

You may remember that French tennis player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga did incredibly well at Wimbledon this year. He’s immensely popular in France and has now become the star of a bande dessinée (BD or comic book) called Turbo Ten. That’s short for Turbo Tennis. This is a sport of the future and it’s played with electrified balls and rackets and the players wear helmets and armour. The galaxy hosts inter-planetary competitions, and our Jo is a star!

And onto another athletic item. Ruadhri’s Mon Quotidien has an article about the relative speeds of animals and humans. Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world with a speed of 38 km per hour. Pas mal. However, our four-legged fellow earth dwellers are much quicker. Cheetahs run at 110 kmph, antelopes at 89 kmph and ostriches at 64 kmph. The closest animal to humans speedwise is the dromedary it turns out, which is fractionally slower. Bolt does 100 metres in 9.58 seconds: it would take a dromedary 9.8 seconds to do the same distance.

And what about birds? Ducks are nearly up there with cheetahs, travelling at up to 103 kmph but peregrine falcons are far and away the quickest living thing, reaching speeds of 259 kmph.

So now you know!