A few words about our alpacas.

Amélie has gone back to her old home to be bred with Gandalf again. She was pregnant when we bought her in June, but sadly she lost the baby the next day, probably due to the stress of the journey. It was a shame to have to take her back as she has settled in so well with our girls and was becoming a lot less timid. She was up at the gate with the rest of them every time there were visitors towards the end of the holidays, and she was much admired. She is a very pretty little thing.

Here’s Amélie in the back of the Renault Scenic, just before Caiti and I set off on our mammoth day out taking her back to the Cote d’Or (12 hours on the road!).

Here’s a link to a TV programme about us, and in which Seamus is the star!

We come in after 10 minutes, so set the programme running, then go and have a cup of tea as there’s no way of fast forwarding I’m afraid! Seamus was a bit freaked by the camera so he’s a lot, lot jumpier than usual. But he tried to be brave and he looks very handsome. (So does husband Chris!) The presenter, Vanessa, adored our cats, as you’ll see. Treacle and Wild Thing are the ones she cuddles the most.

We’re very pleased with our five minutes of fame. Hope you enjoy it too!