It’s a very wet winter so far. We’ve been snowed in by this time in past years but apart from a few flurries of snow, it’s been rain, rain, rain to finish off 2012. It would have been preferable to have had the rain a bit at a time over the summer when we needed it, but at least we’re getting  it now to top up the water table.

So, the farm is soggy. The pigs are in heaven, though. They’re rooting and wallowing happily all day.

The grills on each of the three lakes need regular clearing from accumulated leaves and sticks to stop them overflowing.

It’s good to see the water rushng down the slipways from the lakes. These have been dry for a large part of this year.

The pool is full to brim. And no, the cat didn’t go for a dip in it. None of us are, it’s much too cold. It’s open for now because it’s been very stormy and we didn’t want to risk the cover getting ripped off by strong winds and damaged in the process, as happened last winter.

And the driveway is one big puddle. Rors has his wellies on to make the daily trips up and down for the school bus. He grumbles about it, and admittedly it’s not easy trying to get his shoes on or off once we’ve reached our destination up by the bins on the road, not when it’s as black as pitch and we’re all bundled up with thick, winter coats, scarves and gloves. Add a bulky rucksack, a sports bag, a torch that usually ends up shining in the shoe-handlers eyes and a dog who wants to help, and it’s chaotic!

And finally, a pretty raindrop photo from Sunday when we were laying a geocache at a spot not far away from Les Fragnes.