I’ve been keeping a note of search terms used to get to my blog for about a month now, out of curiosity. A few puzzling ones have cropped up. I’m not sure how someone looking for ‘chocolate French blog’ ended up at www.bloginfrance.com, but they were very welcome. Also baffling were ‘wellies’, ‘concrete recycling’ and, sadly, ‘grief public domain’. They weren’t knowingly subjects of any of my posts. Another one I liked was ‘blog of family in France with six kids’. We have just the three, but sometimes it feels like we have six, especially when doing the food shopping.

Turning to the more mundane, not surprisingly ‘Easter sayings’ topped the search list. There is an insatiable interest in ‘dictons’, even though they are old fashioned. And of course festivals and special occasions have plenty associated with them. Searches for ‘French toilet paper’ gave Easter a good run for its money, though. These took a variety of forms – sometimes involving colour and texture!

Following closely behind came searches for ‘custard’ related material. The funniest one was worded ‘Brulée gone wrong runny custard’! One person simply wanted to know ‘Does France have custard?’. I hope he or she got the answer they were looking for in my post on this delicious subject.

Food seems to be uppermost on many web surfers’ minds. As well as custard, there were plenty of searches along the lines of ‘eating llamas’ and ‘llama recipes’. One specified ‘llama with egg’. And ‘cake au jambon’ crops up regularly too. However, there’s a preference for camelids over cake.

Three racy search phrases were ‘France sex blog’, ‘naked blog’ and ‘sex blogs France’. Those surfers would have been sadly disappointed with Blog in France, I’m afraid to say. However, the interest is there, so maybe it’s something worth thinking about … !!

One surfer was looking for ‘naked winter hiking’. Not in Creuse you wouldn’t, mate.

There were lots of other sensible searches too – lilies of the valley, Eurovision, spring birds, French expressions, so at least some surfers are sane! I shall continue to keep a record as it’s amusing and informative to see what people are after from blogs – although not necessarily mine.

Daily snippets for 7th May

Today’s Saint: St Gisele of Hungary

Famous French person born this day: in 1748, Olympe de Gouges, French playwright and feminist revolutionary

Famous French person who died on this day: in 1843, Pierre Benoît Soult, army general

Today’s word: un blogueur / une blogueuse – blogger

Today’s website to check out: http://myevilfrenchtwin.wordpress.com/ – my daughter’s photo-a-day blog!