Back in July, Sonia Marsh, the Gutsy Writer, nominated me to take part in the Tripbase 7 links challenge. I was very flattered, but we hit a busy patch and I wanted to be able to devote the appropriate time and attention to doing this challenge. I have compiled nearly 300 posts so that’s a lot to work through. And then I just forgot, but now I’m back on track. So rather late, at long last here is my contribution.

So, I’m to give the links to:

my most beautiful post – hmm, I’m not sure I do beautiful posts, but I did one about Yves Rocher plant based beauty products here. I think that fits the bill.

my most popular post – without a doubt, this one! Anything with the word ‘naked’, ‘bare’ or ‘nude’ in the title has always done very well!!!

my most controversial post – off course learning French is better than sex!

my most helpful post – two possibilities here. Anyone cycling in France will need this quick look at cyclists’ rights helpful, but if you’re feeling hard done by since you’ve heard that French people don’t get fat, then this could help your self-confidence

a post whose success surprised me – again two to choose from: first up mine and Benjy’s whistle-stop tour of Strasbourg. Secondly, my examinatio of  pink toilet roll.

a post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved – my painstaking translation of a famous poem about the Creuse masons, but if you’re not into French historical poems you might prefer to see this neglected turkey related one:

the post I am most proud of – all of them! Seriously, I put a lot of time and love into each one because I choose to. I love to entertain and inform, and most of all I love blogging.

I have to nominate up to five bloggers to take this same challenge. So I choose:

Helen Hannimann

Vanessa Couchman

Jason Matthews


Alex Adena

If you enjoy my blog, then here’s advance notice that I’m currently compiling a soon-to-arrive ebook, The Best of Blog in France. I’ll be keeping you posted. I have to master inserting photos into files for converting into the various ebook formats first though …