We’ve decided to get Christmassy here at Les Fragnes. Winter has swooped down with a vengeance and it’s dark, cold and miserable. So we needed to cheer ourselves up. I’ve put our demonic Santa up on the farm gates (his head swivels round à la Chucky – very creepy!) and today the solar powered flashing Christmas lights Chris ordered arrived so they’re up around the garden gate now. The turkeys are starting to look a little anxious  …

Le pub (publicity magazines which La Poste delivers by the truck full) are full of battery powered kids’ games, all of which Rors has optimistically put a tick against as being suitable Christmas pressies. Other mags are full of pictures of slightly posher bits of meat than usual, and others have jewellery and toasty thermal undies.

On the subject of La Poste, it’s the 50th year of their Sécretariat du Père Noel (their service that writes back to children who write to Father Christmas). They have a nice Christmassy site for kids here.

Since advent is nearly upon us, I’ve checked out some online Advent Calendars, French and English ones, and here are the best ones, in my opinion. And if all else fails, you can always make your own at Advientos. That looks fun so I’m hoping I can find the time to have a go.

The top online calendar has to be this one which has a French carol behind each window. Both fun and educational.

Here are two more I peeked at:

http://www.fete-enfants.com/noel-enfants/calendrier-de-l-avent.htm This has a daily recipe, colouring in, music, jokes and an activity. It’s smashing.

And this calendar has an online game to play each day: http://www.adventcalendaronline.com/

I couldn’t test the following ones out but they look nice:







Fabulous artwork by Roger Fereday

So have fun counting down to Christmas!

And please sign up here for my blog hop taking place on 12.12.12. It will be fun and it’s a great way to attract some new readers to your blog, and make new friends. Everyone who joined in the April blog hop enjoyed it and I’m sure this will prove to be every bit as successful.