I was writing a blog about packing for going away to Uni, since that is what our Benj is busily not doing at the moment and he should be, but this arrived in the latest batch of email. Here is the superb cover artwork for Heads Above Water, my forthcoming travel narrative about moving to France and our first couple of years here. The website to go to with the ebook is under construction here so take a quick peek.

For those of you who’ve never met the Dagg family, you get a very good idea of what we look like from this picture. The extremely talented Roger Fereday who drew this wonderful illustration knows us very well and he’s captured us perfectly. I love how he’s added the two houses, the distinctive water tower that we see in the distance from our farm and the two special features about our lives in France, namely the carp and the token llama to represent our every-growing herd of assorted camelids. It couldn’t be more ‘us’.

Lots more news coming about Heads Above Water soon Very soon. But for now, simply enjoy this perfect cover.