Well, I’m going to take a few days off from blogging and writing. So today I shall wish you Bonnes Fêtes and leave you with a poem that I must have written forty years ago, if not longer! I was an unstoppable poem writer as a child, and Christmas was one of my favourite themes.


Santa’s Busy Night

Santa was having a nap in his chair

(His little pet robin was perched in his hair).

Suddenly, there came a knock at the door

Which stirred Santa between a whistle and snore.


‘Who is it?’ Santa called, scratching his chin.

‘Me!’ said a deep, gruff voice. ‘May I come in?’

‘Yes, yes, by all means, please do Fairy Bloom.’

But it was a teddy who entered the room.


Santa at once realised his mistake.

‘What can I do for you, Teddy Bear Jake?’

‘I’ve just come to tell you its quarter to eight

And if you don’t hurry then you will be late!’


‘That time already?  Well, sizzling mince pies!

Chimney pots! Christmas trees! How old time flies!’

Santa Claus pulled on his boots and his hat

And rushed out, but sadly tripped over the cat.


Once on his feet again, outside he flew,

So little time, but oh, so much to do –

Reindeer to harness, and presents to pack,

And what if they would not all get in his sack?


Frantically, Santa rushed hither and thither,

Worried and panicking, all in a dither.

But he need not have bothered, for soon all was ready

So Santa addressed every fairy and teddy.


‘Thank you my friends for helping me out

Without you I would have been late, there’s no doubt.

Now, I must be off to deliver these toys

To all the good girls and obedient boys.’


And with those words, Santa leapt into his sleigh,

Called to his deer and at once drove away

To do his job, which he does every year,

Bringing to everyone gladness and cheer.