Ruadhri came home from school yesterday and very proudly handed Chris and I each a catalogue full of fabulous but fiendishly expensive festive choccies.

Collège is on the earhole, following in the steps of our illustrious président.

I’m not sure what to think about it. While it’s good the school is taking the initiative and trying to swell its coffers, presumably for the benefit of the pupils, the choice of top notch confectionery isn’t the best one. Kids are only allowed chips and one portion of ketchup once a week in the school canteen on anti-obesity grounds, yet here we all are being plied with sheer calorific indulgence. Creuse is not known for its wealthy inhabitants so I think orders for this €28 box of chocs will be limited.

I had a look at the website at The school will get 25% of the takings. It’s slightly worrying that there’s a page on the website that helps the school work out how much money they make on their order. I rather hoped the maths prof was capable of that!

Personally I think I’d rather give the school a fiver than spend €20 on things we don’t really want. But we’ll have to buy something so that our kid isn’t the only one who doesn’t put an order in. Well, two things since we’ve been assigned a catalogue each. Cunning marketing going on there!