Today has been freezing cold, damp and totally dismal – just as it always is for the Téléthon. The Téléthon is an annual fundraising event here in France, scheduled rather bizarrely for early December. It would be so much more fun in the warm sunshine of summer! We go along every year but it’s always so blooming cold and, to be honest, not very inspiring so we never stay long. A lot of work goes into it so it’s a shame that the weather is generally rather a dampener. The Pompiers provide music, a local group of bikers offer rides on motorbikes and in sidecars, the cycle club organises freezing cold rides and various local clubs have stalls. The AIPB has a very delicious cake stall.

Rors was at judo so Chris and I had time to kill after doing our circuit of the Téléthon and some food shopping in Simply Market. We nipped off to do spot of geocaching. There’s a cache near Boussac Castle we wanted to find. It gave us the opportunity to go for a stroll round the old part of town and see the castle from some really stupendous angles.

I’ll be blogging about the castle in more detail soon. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of Jean de Brosse, who lived in and renovated the castle in the 15th century, and I’ve treated myself to a book about him. The book about him, in fact, there’s only the one. Poor old Jean, he was a true hero but he’s one of he ones that has slipped into oblivion. You’ll be hearing a lot more about him in posts to come.

So for now, a couple more photos of this imposing and amazing building.

And we found our cache too, so a very rewarding little jaunt!